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The Young Adult That Learned Happiness

The Man That Was UnhappyMany unhappy people feel that happiness is something given to them. They feel that they either have it or they don’t. Our core beliefs do not align with these thoughts, as we believe that happiness is something that is chosen in life. The moment you decide to be happy your life will change for the better.

Today’s post is about a young adult that was struggling to find his way. He had a simple life growing up and nothing ever seemed too hard. Well, after graduation, the man (we will not disclose his name) did not like where he was in life. College was a time of partying, and his life after university closely resembled that for a few years.

We met with the young man at a coffee shop in his local town: Tampa, Florida. The man described his feelings to us, and we told him that it starts with being happy. Then, as expected he asked, “So how do you become happy?”. We told him that you simply tell yourself that is your decision. He looked confused. Trust me, that is not the first time someone has given us that look.

The young man was open and took all our advice to heart, but still did not feel we had told him anything special. We understand that these changes will not happen overnight, so we told him to try our experiment and meet us back here in two weeks. Our instructions were simple. Every time you catch yourself thinking about your life, we want you to do two things:

1) Tell yourself that you are happy.

2) Ask yourself what actions need to be taken in order to achieve maximum happiness.

The man returned at our scheduled time and looked like someone with a lot to talk about. We asked him to explain his experience with us. He told us that there were many times where he felt unhappy. He did as we told him and followed our two step procedure. The main difference was the follow-up action he took. Instead of doing the same repeated actions over and over again (the ones that made him unhappy), he changed his behavior.

He told us that partying made him feel uncomfortable, but he did it to “fit in”. The next time he was asked to party, he simply said no and decided to read a book. The moment he took control of his happiness was the moment it all changed. Again, we know that the change will not happen overnight; it takes time to make these mental shifts in thinking.

We told the young man to meet us back here in one year. We just finished our talk two days ago, and the young man had so many great stories to tell us. He told us that he is the happiest he has ever been in his entire life. It is an amazing feeling to impact someone’s life like that. For someone to tell you they are now the happiest in their life, where they were miserable prior, is the reason why we inspire people.

We plan to keep contact with the young man over the coming years. He told us he will spread our teachings to the people he meets along his journey. Together, we can all be happiness preachers. Get out there and smile.

Bonus: check out the video below. It covers scientific ways to achieve happiness. Enjoy.

Unfair Drug Testing Policies: Corporate America

Do you ever feel completely alone and helpless when it comes to your drug use? I’m not talking about the serious drug offenders: meth, cocaine, heroin. I am talking about our little friend we call marijuana. One of the greatest influencer on modern society was pro-pot. Have you heard of Steve Jobs? Yes, the  IPod creator himself (among many other products), openly admits to smoking pot during his late teens and into his twenties. If you’re not a marijuana smoker, don’t jump out of your seat and think: “Why is he promoting drug use”. That’s not my goal; but, I would like an answer as to why out society accepts alcohol as being “okay”, when I could argue all day the effects are much more damaging.

Think about it, our society has been setup (for some reason I don’t know) to “hate” on pot smokers. Our government is out to criminalize the people who use it. If studies have shown alcohol being more dangerous than weed, than what is the real reason behind the crazy laws? Let’s dive into that.

My first point is that marijuana is not being legalized because the government knows that it would destroy the pharmaceutical industry. We all know that the United States government financially aides the research of so many drugs; with such a profitable industry, why would anyone want to see sales plummet. Sure, the companies would still stay afloat, but legal pot means a huge slice into their pie. Still, you’re telling me we are not allowed harvest a plant that grows on the ground?

Let’s take a quick step back. Are you desperate to get that upcoming job and have smoking too much weed? That’s okay, check out for help. Also, here are some drug detection times. I had smoked for a month straight and was able to use the system and pass my urine test.

Also, the website goes onto to debunk the niacin myth for passing a drug test. They do a pretty good job at explain why the method won’t help you. Plus, there is the nasty flush that comes along with niacin. I personally would not recommend this if you are trying to get by a your urine test.

As you can see from the video, many people try to fake their urine and bring in their own stuff. If you went over to “How To Pass A Drug Test. Info” then you will see that they do not promote this method. Instead, they suggest passing with the pee you already have. How? Well that is a secret, and I will let you find out for yourself. Basically, there is a proven step-by-step formula that allows your pee to be completely masked. I have tried it on my at-home test and passed with flying colors.

What about DOT testing? The Department of Transportation is a government agency that tries to make the roads safe. Well, airplanes too. The point being that people who operate vehicle for the public will be safer if they are drug free. Have a medical marijuana card; think you can pass DOT regulations? Wrong. You are still subject to the federal rules. You will not be allowed to drive.

What to pass a drug test?  We guarantee results!

Learn The Knack Of Online Marketing With Bring The Fresh

Bring The Fresh ReviewOff late there is a lot of buzz online about a service offering marketing based functions called Bring the Fresh. This is a user friendly online marketing service that helps people manage their home based Internet service in a successful manner to generate more income. You can make optimum use of your website’s marketing potential with the help of this service as it helps your website gain top ranking over all web search engines.  For a full description, check out Bring The Fresh.

Key Features – The Top Picks

This marketing system will help generate more revenue by increasing the profit and popularity of your website. The most important features of this service are as follows:
• For all online businesses –This service best fits all genres of online businesses. It may be broking, support services, IT help, creative based service or anything. The features of this unique marketing system will best fit all online businesses including ecommerce sites and e-stores.

• Top ranking — This service helps you gain top rankings in any search engine irrespective of the fact that you have a lot of competition in your field. Top ranking obviously leads to increased website visit and hence more web traffic to your portal without spending many bucks.

• Natural Traffic –The audience and web traffic that are diverted towards your website will be a natural one. This process will not be done in the form of spamming your target audience that in turn brings down the reputation of your site.

• SEO optimization –enriching the SEO work of your website is one way to determine its success. This web based service will guide you in successful SEO optimization of your website.

• Uses of Backlink Building –Back link building is a progressive online website management process that is crucial for the success of any e business. Back links help in successful expansion of your business network thus bulk SEO works can be promptly managed. Understanding one key factor in back link building, the more number of back links your site has, the increased popularity it gains.

• Indexing –This is another notable factor in a website building that makes the website easily searchable by the search engines. The service helps you in indexing your website efficiently.

Not just the above listed features but this online portal also has some of the best features that will help you in increasing your optimization and search engine standings, generate more revenue, offer enhanced client servicing, access website from anywhere and at any time, and it also enables you to create and manage multiple sites at the same time.

The Key Highlights of this Service

Unlike other website maintenance and marketing tools, the website promises you to a lot of benefits that others fail to offer. Few of the highlights of this marketing service have been discussed as under:

• Cost effective nature
• Superior customer support service
• Perfect and easy to use programming methodology
• Prompt and clear communication method
• Quick to understand and follow system
• Really user-friendly for beginners who are new to online marketing and online business management
• Contains all essential tools for better website management this includes design tools, upload tools, interactive tools, support tools etc.
• Easy payment methods in which really affordable tariffs that can be paid partially and not in one go.
• A well build video and online tutorial for the users to understand the functionality of this marketing pack.

You may be running an SEO business or an affiliate marketing one, the company will help you in creating the best website, adding simple designs and good functionalities to it and it also helps in enhanced website management.  For a full review, click here!

How to Subscribe to this Company

Subscribing to this really enhanced online marketing service is really simple and easy. Firstly locate the official website of this site with the help of search engines. Now go through the entire site and understand the methodology in which this entire system works. You can even read through the testimonials to understand the efficiency of the website that helps small home-based Internet business owners.

Now by paying just $7 as a down payment you can instantly subscribe to bring the fresh. You can settle the rest of the payment of this package on a weekly repayment basis as you start to gain more income through your website. Please note that failing to make the rest of payment means that  you will not be permitted to establish your own website or e-store based on BTF road map.

Do You Love Your Job?

I dawned across me that millions of Americans hate their jobs.  Why is this the case?  For most, I believe it stems from the fact that people as whole underachieve.  What separates the wealthy from the poor?  Aside from some uncontrollable factors, I’ll argue strongly that it remains the choice of the individual.

How bad do you really want it?  If you settle for a job, then you must not want it that bad.  And what do I mean by it?  The owners and starters of companies had to bare tremendous risk and dedicate crazy amounts of time to see their goals met.  Then Joe walks in and asks for a job.  He gets the reliable position and then demands to be paid more.  He gets upset and thinks the company should pay him more.  His job is boring and he fights to get through the day.

Most people will take Joe’s side and sympathize.  Not me.  Joe has been given a risk free job because of the hard work and sacrifice the owners had to put down.  Without the beginning, this job would not be there.  My point?  You will not control the pay and happiness of your job when you decide to work for other companies.  You are given a job with modest pay and that is all you deserve.  You took no risk and didn’t work “that” hard to get it.

Want to make a difference?  Start using the talent you have and pool your energy towards starting a business.  Most people won’t.  Look at our culture.  Most people are fat and just want their enjoyable meals; they think they can sit back and watch pounds shed off their body.  The real people in the world know that it takes hard work, dedication, and determination to succeed at any area of life.

Get off your *** today!

The Best Way To Pass

Drug Test FriendI wanted to share a little secret with everyone.  Do you know the best method to avoid failing your next drug test?  If you do not, then you should listen up!

I have been a regular smoker of the marijuana drug.  While it isn’t a bad drug, it certainly holds back many people from receiving jobs that they otherwise should.  Let’s face the facts, alcohol is just as dangerous (if not more) than our little friend we like to call pot.  I will never encourage people to abuse drugs, but I do not think it should get in the way of a potential employer.

What really matters when you are getting a job?  Your work should be based off your perceived ability and competence for the position you are applying for.  If you have the skillset and have a proven track record, why should you be penalized for smoking the reefer?  It does not make any sense to me.  I’ve known stoners who are extremely intelligent and motivated to work at a high level.  While there are many stoners who are slow and unmotivated, I believe the difference comes from the heart of the individual.  Marijuana should not define who you are; you do!

So what happens when you prospective employer ask for you to take a test.  How can you pass?  I like The Wiki version of Drug Test Passing.  Another I know is.

Please check out the links and comment of what you thought.

Have a great time…keep burning!