If You Wear A Square Belt Buckle It Does Not Mean That You Are Square

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Better still, if you are caught wearing a rectangular shaped belt buckle, not at all large that it dominates the rest of your formal wear attire; people will think you look rather smart. But of course, if you choose to take the square belt buckle, bigger than most, then people could consider you to be quite daring. Don’t expect any of the guys to be messing with you anymore. The big round belt buckles for men suits the cowboys just fine, so why not you as well.

Just remember to pick out a fine hat to go along with the ride into the sunset. Also, the boots have got to match the formidable belt buckle as well. Let the Stetsons be to the side, however, as the bigger than life belt buckle draws all eyes to that area. X marks the spot as they say. This is if you want to really draw the attention of the gals. It does depend where you hang out, of course, because if you’re going to go prowling about the typical urban environments, you won’t be regarded as so much as the famous urban cowboy.

You might just be regarded as the new local oddball. And you will be booted out of the camp. Unless, of course, this is the attention you crave and you really don’t give a continental. But in all seriousness, dress up well with a modest sized rectangular buckle with your fine suit or smart casual look and people on the streets and in the office and boardroom will always be taking you seriously. Just remember though, to keep your dress shoes with a square toe to match.

And that does not mean that you are square.