Why Little Kids Will Only Be Wearing Clip On Ties

Little kids still say the darnedest of things at their young age. They have such high ideals and opinions about themselves and of their immediate surroundings. They already have clear ideas on how they wish to see their world shape up. And, oh dear, they are even more opinionated than we were at their age on what they would like to wear for the day. You would think that in this day and age, formal wear for little kids has now gone out of the window.

In any case, because they are so active, well, we hope they are anyway; it would not be practical to dress them up to the nines in shiny shoes and buckles. Because by the time the first play break has come and gone, just look what a mess they have made. But thank goodness for your school teachers. How the kids behave on the playground will be for them to monitor. More importantly, constructive education, something we aren’t always qualified to give as parents, will help model the kids to become finely balanced and well-adjusted young adults later on.

Dealing with a multitude of cultures and customs these days, it has become necessary to educate the kids on complete respect for the other.  And let it not be forgotten that respect for self remains paramount. Today school boards have seen fit to introduce a coded uniform as part of the kids’ school dress code. While they learn to pull up their own socks, they are also wearing custom made kids clip on ties.

kids clip on ties

The reason for using clip on’s is quite simple and practical. It is to prevent little kids from tying themselves into knots and choking. And then they do look rather smart, don’t they.